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Secondary Containment Services As the oilfield becomes ever more aware of the environment and "Going Green" becomes a staple of the industry, FlowTech Energy Services, LLC is leading the way with experienced crews providing secondary containment services for new and existing locations. We offer varying grades of plastic pit liners and containment liners. Our hardworking team is committed to providing our customers with excellent service and quality no matter the type or size of job.
Flowback Services FlowTech offers 100% Backup Environmental Packages to customers requiring Flowback Services. We use only experienced flowhands and provide high quality service and equipment to our customers. At FlowTech we take great pride in our commitment to safety and have implemented stringent guidelines and safety programs to protect our customers interests, the environment and general public in addition to our employees. You can trust us to get the job done right.

Safety FlowTech Energy Services LLC. is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees and the customers we serve. We have a comprehensive Safety Management Plan along with a detailed Transportation Policy and facility specific policies. Our position on environmental responsibility provides assurance to our employees, customers and the general public that we will do our best to help preserve the area we live and work in. Senior and site management teams have created a culture of safety oriented behavior which our employees are dedicated to upholding.

SDS Sheets
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Other Service Lines
Alliance Inc. – Operating from Cordell, Oklahoma, Alliance Inc. has a large fleet of 120 bbl tanker vacuum trucks and trailers as well as winch trucks.
RPM Services – Serving customers in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska RPM Services, LLC offers a full line of acidizing and high pressure pump services, 80 bbl tank trucks with high pressure tri-plex pumps, and waterline services complete with generators, submersible pumps, booster pumps & air compressors.

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